Frequently Asked Questions

From the outside Freemasonry might seem secretive and mysterious, but nothing could be further from the truth. Freemasonry is about friendship, loyalty and charity.

We will add a comprehensive list if questions we commonly get asked but please reach out and get in touch if you have a burning question.

Is Freemasonry free?

As in life, the adage of ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ is also true here. Every Lodge will have set fees that are payable each year, these are based on Grand Lodge and Provincial fees plus costs towards the individual Lodge.

How often do you meet?

Most Lodges meet 7 or 8 times per year. Outside of the meetings there are a wealth of optional events that you can attend if you choose. There are Lodge social events, quiz nights, race nights and you will be warmly greeted if you decide to visit other Lodges.

Do you have to be a Christian to join?

No. Freemasonry brings together men of all religions. In our obligations we refer to a higher being, but simply use God or The Great Architect.

Religious and political discussions are not allowed in Lodge.

What is an entered apprentice?

Craft Freemasonry is split into 3 degrees each with it’s own distinct ‘secret’ and ceremony. When you join Freemasonry you are initiated and become an Entered Apprentice. Your next step is to be passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft Freemason and lastly you will be raised to become a Master Mason. Each step is very special and the ceremonies are symbolic of your journey through life.

Can you tell me your secrets?

Very little in Freemasonry is a secret. Yes we do have them but these are only used in Lodge and form part of our ceremonies. Outside the the ceremonies we can answer all the questions you have about what we do and what we stand for.

I would always reccommend that you resist the urge to Google them too, they are out there but it’s like finding out the ending of a new film.