Eastern Area Masonic News

Rochdale Lodge 6721

Meeting Business: To celebrate the Personal 50th Anniversary in Freemasonry of WBro Whittaker PProvGSwdB initiated on 22nd April 1974.

Oldham Mitre 5633

Final Meeting Business: To open the Lodge To confirm the minutes of the 762th meeting To receive the Representative of the RWPGM To honour the Charities To receive the Charity Steward's report To receive the Almoner's report To receive the Treasurer's report To...

Keystone Lodge 363

Meeting Business: To open the lodge up into the Third Degree. To receive a talk on Masonic Cyphers from WBro Robert R. Codling.

Langley Lodge 3989

Meeting Business: To read an Antient Charge. A Masonic Lecture by WBro Earlam, JP. Titled "When the Summons arrives"

Freemasonry, Your Questions Answered.

Rochdale Lodge 6721